Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Now, if you happen to run a successful magazine dedicated to having people send you things that they found which are meaningful and funny and touching then you might not be amazed to have the week that I've had but, if you're just an average person then this week has been pretty miraculous.

The hubbs found this tangled in a tree on Thursday.  I'm sorry to the people who lost it but please know that it has been on a camping trip, to church, to the gym and on basically every trip that we've been on for the last week.  Yesterday at the midpoint of our bike ride she turned to me and said, "play my balloon."

Yesterday was one of my greatest beach day for finds ever.  There was a whole slew of broken sand dollars (which were oddly all purple), huge muscle shells and whatever the curly thing is. It's hard and hallow and basically pretty amazing.

Not too shabby of a week so far eh?

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