Monday, May 28, 2012

Where Children Sleep

This weekend we finally took the crib out of Claire's room.  Now she just has her big girl bed and there's plenty of room to play and to have the rocker there. While we were rearranging I had this sudden urge that we would have to move when the baby came because we couldn't squish two kids into that room.

Then I saw this website documenting where children sleep.  Here's a sample.

There are also brief descriptions with each picture telling you how many people sleep in the space (7 in the above case) and it tells you of the children's hobbies and aspirations. Be forewarned that if you click through to that website you will 1) have your heart broken and 2) if you are from the US you will be horribly ashamed.

Dear internet, thanks for the gentle reminder that you can, in fact have two little children share a room.


  1. I came to the same conclusion when we decided to put THREE to a room. I got a lot of comments asking when and where we were moving. We never had plans to move. I figure these families make it work all a over the world in much more humbling circumstances and I have a feeling they are better for it. . Great reminder sallee!

  2. This was a good reminder during a week when I was feeling our house was too small. In Peru, I shared hallway/bedroom with three other gals (sisters), and there were only three beds for the four of us, so the youngest of the sisters took turns doubling up in the other sisters' beds. Such perspective.

  3. Nathan, Libbey, and I all shared a room for a little while. I can't remember how everything was arranged, but there wasn't room for anything else.

  4. We had the kIds share a room for almost 18 months. Do to the huge drama queen that my daughter is she was waking up her brother nightly when trying to get her into bed. It was after a long month of fights that I picked up her bed and moved it down stairs. They still want to share a room but for my sanity and because we do have to room they are now separated. If we ever have more kids there will be a boys room and a girls room and they will share. Yes there are many many ways sharing a room is possible.

  5. It can be done! Don't stress!