Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seriously so Blessed

Lest you be tricked this post has nothing to do with the hysterical defunct blog of the same name and has everything to do with the most amazing thing that happened yesterday.  Right at the end of nap time my doorbell rang and at the door was a huge box of clothes for baby boys.

My friend Claire (who sadly, doesn't blog or I would send you to her blog right now because she is funny and smart) who has a girl the same age as my Claire and is also expecting a boy in August sent me a huge box of baby boy clothes because she has been over run with hand me downs.

Claire, thank you thank you thank you.  I cried when I opened it because you are just so thoughtful (and because these pregnancy hormones are just a little out of control).  In exchange for your thoughtfulness Claire and I are sending you and Ellie two of our new favorite games (which are homemade and one of which encourages eating candy, cold cereal, raisins and other things that are not very good for you). 

That's right.  Mother of the year helping other moms feed their children inappropriate things.

You can thank me later.

For those of you who want to play the same games with your kids you can download and print them here.  Claire and I love the "Head and Tail" section of this printable.  The other ones are too advanced for her but we'll get on to them soon.

And this has become our new favorite family game.  Claire doesn't really get it but she laughs and laughs whenever we play and never wants to stop.


  1. I can see the wonderful game of "Don't Eat Pete" being happily played on Jane's birthday at her family party. She won't really get it anyway, but she'll love it. Thanks

  2. Sallee - You are so welcome. It's the least I could do with all the happiness your blog brings me (wow, pregnancy hormones make me a major sap). I cried when I read your post and can't wait to get the games in the mail!