Sunday, April 28, 2013

And the scar

My pathology report came back positive for malignancy.  The good news is that the positive growth was very small, they got it all out and it hadn't spread.  No follow-up needed.  If I stop and think about the "could have" I get a little panicky but really I just feel nothing.  Some of the ladies at church did tell me that there is some magical lotion I can get which will made the scar fade.

And now, because I'm still recovering and haven't done any real thinking in days, here is a little photo dump. Luckily spring has come to New York and I'm almost convinced that we can be happy here.

With some of our favorite friends at the bronx zoo.
Yes, those are baby prairie dogs and they are WAY cuter than grown up prairie dogs.

Claire and baby Dora resting in a turtle shell

Oh that carousel

Claire met her first street performers on Saturday.  She was captivated

Can we please ignore that dress?  It was a hand me down and  she's already too big for it (yes, you can see her panties hanging our the bottom) but she LOVES it.
Me on the other hand?  Not so much.  The dryer might have to eat it.

What New York lacks in tulips they make up for in daffodils--in mass.  

Claire is not actually talking to this lady.  She is singing "Animal Rescuers.  To the rescue my friends!"

I wish you could have seen her when I let her take her shoes off in the playground sand.
It was like coming home.  She cried when we had to leave.

The subway ride home was somewhat less magical  than that walk in the park but Noah had peed though his diaper (hey good parents) so it was at least full of chub rolls.  No, that's not a double stroller.  What can I say?  We're a class act.

How do you know it's spring?  Saltwater Sandals.  You know what makes them even more lovely?  Coupling  them  like with the fancy socks grandma bought when she was here.  Nothing says church-ready like this combo.

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