Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just a Few Books

Recently I read this book and it was so fun.  

The book is built around a teenage girl who is saved by reading--mostly Science Fiction (SF--I had to look it up when they used that abbreviation in the book.  I know, I'm clueless) and it was so fun.  On the plane back from Utah the gate agent pulled me aside and told me that he had moved the person  next to us so that we could have the whole row to ourselves (which literally brought me to tears).  Noah and Claire were both very well behaved and I had two whole hours to read.  This was a major bonus because I was in the throws of Among Others and possibly could not have put it down even if I had wanted to.

The best part about Among Others is that she talks about a million books that I have never read and my "to read" list has grown leaps and bounds.  Luckily, this overachieving reader made a pinboard of all of the titles mentioned in the book.  I have The Charioteer requested from my local library and hope to pick it up at story time this afternoon.

Among Others is not going to win the Pulitzer prize but it did make this NPR list of the best books for the omnivorous reader (I also plan on reading the other books on the list because they all look awesome).

Speaking of Pulitzer Prize winners I did recently read a book that should win it.  The Round House by Louise Erdrich was one of the best books I've read in a long time (It did win the National Book Award last year so I'm certainly not the only one who loved it).  Erdrich is one of the best modern novelists around.  Her books deal with the Native American experience but I hate to call her a great Native American novelist because that makes is sound like 'she's a great Native American novelist.'  She is a great Native American novelist but she is also one of the best any kind of novelists around.  

So.  The Round House.  Read it.  You'll love it. 

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