Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Weekend

This morning we went to a public garden estate called Wave Hill Manor for their free entrance day and Eco craft. We walked through the entrance gates and the view of the palisades and the sprawling grass and gardens brought me to tears. Claire danced around the greenhouse saying, "Anna (she calls everyone in the family by their 'Frozen' name. I'm Anna, she's Elsa, Noah is Olaf and Nathan is either Hans or Christoff.) this is my castle and these are my flowers but you can come and visit me anytime and smell my flowers."

Don't mind that I already look 7 months pregnant when I'm only 4. There is something about that third baby that my body is rejecting. I've already busted out the compression pantyhose because of the swollen ankles and bursting blood veins and been packing around lavender rice hot packs to help with the shooting hip pain. Dang. 

Then this evening we dyed Easter eggs. 

As you can see we had two color schemes. Purple/pink for Claire and green/blue for Noah. Please also note that there isn't a single egg that is not broken.  

And also please note that nothing brings family togetherness like trying to have fun holiday traditions.  

Just wait till we make empty tomb rolls tomorrow!

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  1. I love it. I just stopped by for my first time in a month (what?!) and I want to sit and talk to you so bad, eat chocolate ice cream and have a dance party all in one visit. Sending lots of love your way!!