Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just How Do I Get Myself Into This Kind of Mess?

When we moved to NY about 18 months ago I was desperate to find friends. In the past I had typically started out any time in a new city by becoming friends with people in my religious community.  Due to some weird things about my religious community here that wasn't really an option here. I met a couple of friends there but really needed to find more friends.  So I did what anyone in my situation might do.  I turned to one of my best friends--the internet.

I joined meetup and started going out to meet friends.  I didn't meet any dear dear friends online but I did meet plenty of people who had kids my age and who I could hang out with.  One of my meetup groups did a co-op summer camp which was one of the best things I have ever done for my kids...ever.  

Last fall the organizer of that group told us that she would be moving in the next year and wanted to find someone to take over the group.  Before I could even stop myself I said, "if you can't find anyone else I could do it."

Guess what.

No one else volunteered.  So now I'm the organizer of the group.  When I volunteered I didn't know that I would be expecting and that we would be trying to move into a new house right at the exact same time that I would need to take over the group.  I also forgot that I don't really like organizing parties and play dates and events and having to meet new people.  (I am thinking of cross stitching this and hanging it on my wall)

But I've been trying to take a more Buddhist view of life (hello closing on our house being delayed and every Monday they tell us that we should know more by the end of the week--we never do) and am trying to accept that it is what it is.  That's my new chant.  It is what it is.  So today was the Playgroup Easter egg hunt.  

It was totally fun and the kids went crazy.

Noah did not collect a single egg but did collect sticks and handfuls of soil. He picked up an egg at one point but put it back down because he saw some soil that looked good. 

Of course I did eat two bowls of ice cream after we got home but is what it is.

*p.s.  I have not downloaded Goldfinch yet but I will.  I'm planning on having it read in the next month. Okay maybe 6 weeks.  It is more than 750 pages long people

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  1. Good for you for searching out other social groups, and I'm glad the preschool has gone so well! You will do fine organizing, but I bet it feels overwhelming with everything else going on too.

    I glanced at the synopsis of Goldfinch…it looks sad!! I don't know if I want to do sad right now! Convince me. Also, I don't think I can manage it in six weeks, but we'll see.