Monday, April 28, 2014

List making

As I mentioned yesterday I've been thinking in half-completed lists lately. So here is another one.

In college I remember having to write a response to a chapter of Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen about unquestioned beliefs. In the book the author writes a list of 10 of her unquestioned beliefs. Our teacher asked us to do the same. Like the absolutely annoying/over-thinking college student that I was I didn't write a list and instead wrote about how I don't want to have any unquestioned beliefs and il wanted to be a person who questions everything.  Kill me now right?  I vaguely remember my teacher rolling her eyes (as she should have.)

That history behind me I don't know that I'd call the following list "unquestioned beliefs" but they'd probably be something close.

1. Children have an allotment of snuggling and physical affection that they need every day. If you fill it they behave better and things go easier.

2. Just because you're texting doesn't mean you can forget grammar.

3. Chocolate is Diet Coke's perfect companion

4. But be wary because feelings you squash away with diet coke and chocolate because they will come back to haunt you later.

5. Cursing at jerky drivers isn't going to change their behavior but it does help you feel better.

6. Leave the dishes for the morning (unless you have ants).

7. Try to make something grow.  One of the ways that we can save our planet is by each of us taking a part of the growing of agriculture into our own hands.  Even if it's a small container of basil in the window it makes a difference. 

So I've only got 7 right now.  

Oh wait, I just thought of #8. It's gonna be a long 3 weeks until this comes off.  Yes, that's what a radial fracture looks like on a very little boy.

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