Sunday, January 23, 2011

A missed appointment

We tried to go and visit a friend who was in town playing in a rugby match but fate was not on our side. We drove in, paid to park the car, walked to the field and realized the the tournament had ended. We were sorry to miss our friend but we decided to take advantage of the time out to take a family trip to Coronado. A couple of photos.
The darling hubbs pushing the stroller AND carrying the diaper bag. I get lots of compliments on that bag (thanks Mom) and every time the hubbs wears it he gets mocked by other men. Go figure.
Coronado is so lovely. We've decided that when we're rich we're going to move there (I don't know if that's before or after we buy a Chihuly but if you come to visit us and we live in Coronado and we own a Chihuly you'll know we've arrived). Maybe we'll live in this house. Yes, that is a full-grown-fruit-bearing orange tree on the side.

Of course living in Coronado would have some tricky parts--lots of buggie bike tourists.

And lots of tricked out quincanera parties (there were three in the park. I couldn't decide if I should snap the photo of the party all wearing electric blue and cowboy hats or the hot pink and fedoras. I went hot pink).

But as long as we've got this little face looking up at us we're pretty sure we can put up with all of that.

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