Monday, January 31, 2011

Some mighty fine biscuits

Saturday we decided that in the last few months there hasn't been near enough panning for gold (we do live in CA), playing tug-o-war or period dressing in our lives so we headed out to the Old Town San Diego 8th Annual Mormon Battalion Commemoration Parade.

We were excited to go. We love the Mormon Battalion Museum in Old Town (we've been there twice since we moved here and are planning two more trips with family* and friends in the next few weeks). They've just redone it and it's straight out of the Harry Potter movies. The pictures talk to you and you move from room to room and from activity to activity and learn all about early California settlers and the Mormon Battalion.

Even thought we've become walking billboards for the Mormon Battalion Museum we were still unprepared for the glory that was the parade and commemoration. Dang. There were cannons being fired, there were all kinds of free activities, there were kids parading around the town square, there were kids making their own dolls out of scraps of fabric. There were so. many. kids. That's one thing about any activity that has to do with the Mormons. They like kids (Jesus did too so there's no problem there).

Here is a picture of some of those kids standing outside the panning for (fool's) gold booth. I've had wild success panning for gold at the museum and was bragging a little bit about my prowess when one of 60 year-old volunteers, in an attempt to keep me honest said, "well, we keep it pretty well stocked." Those kids are working on a map. You had to get stickers at each booth and if you got all the stickers you got a prize.
This is the most darling little family. They were providing the music.

Look at this darling family. Dang. The hubbs is such a catch.

This lady was maybe my favorite of the whole day. She was a volunteer and she made that dress! Don't you love her and those hipster glasses? She was handing out biscuits-on-a-stick which you had to cook yourself over coals (or talk your hubbs into doing it). All in all a great way to spend a Saturday.

*My parents are visiting right now. I love having them here. I think it's good for your soul to be spoiled every now and then and my parents wrote the book when it comes to spoiling. There are trips planned to the botanical garden, the ocean, our favorite Mexican restaurant and there's lots of candy involved. When we went to Target today we bought 5 bags. There are only 4 adults here.

I like those odds

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