Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What time is it? It's Valen-times

Now that the pressure of having to address our religious congregations is over I can get back to the really important things. Parties. I'm planning a Valentine's party. The majority of our friends have kids so planning a party can be a little tricky. We'd like a kid-friendly event (we're thinking either Saturday before dinner or early Friday evening). I don't like parties where everything is planned out and people make me play games (baby showers...I'm looking at you) but when you have kids coming to a party you have to have some structure.

Here's what we have planned
1. Love potion tasting (unidentified juice with a prize for the person who can identify the most of them)
2. Make a Valentine (with hints for kids and husbands in particular--think fill-in-the-blank (possibly mad-lib style) Valentines for husbands who have a hard time saying romantic things. Hubbs included)
3. Cookie decorating
4. Pot-luck treats

Any other suggestions? What are you doing for your parties?

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