Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beach Shoot San Diego

On Saturday the hubbs and I went sea kayaking with a friend of ours. He runs Beach Shoot San Diego (picture #16 is his amazingly beautiful wife). If you didn't click that link to see his pictures you should. They are incredible. He was auditioning a couple of new photographers and he needed a couple to be the guinea pigs and test out the social skills of the new hires. That couple was us.

We were a little unclear on what would be happening (we thought all of the photographing would be in the water with us in wetsuits) so we were a little surprised when we spent the first hour on the beach taking photos. I was in ill-fitting yoga pants, a white t-shirt and a cream wrap sweater. Hard to say if the hubb's super-huge ratty t-shirt from a 5 K we did in Salt Lake was better or worse. YIKES. I know Dan's a good photographer but I think that our little photo shoot might test his photoshopping skills more than any he's ever done before.

Once the beach shoot in our dazzling duds was over, we hit the water. It was so lovely to be out on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The sea lions were swimming past us and the pelicans were flying low to the water. If you are coming to San Diego you should go do this. Dan is really engaging and a great photographer (and you can get killer deals on living social). It was just lovely. I'm sure our photos will turn out like this this lovely couple.

Just like that except that I'll be screaming about how the waves are going to crash us into the rocks and we'll be frantically paddling because we can't seem to stay in a straight line.

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