Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to the Family

This weekend my little brother got engaged (awwww Lil' brudder the heart of a champion--if you have not seen this Homestarrunner, click that link right now).

We are so thrilled. The whole week I've been walking around being all reminicent thinking of Mojo and what a good kid he is. It's also brought back lots of memories of my own wedding and the adjustments I had to being married (my adjustment to marriage was NOT smooth). I'm so excited for Mojo and K. And in the grand tradition of the RFC (that's what we call my family) here's some unsolicited advice to the newest member of our family.

Miss K,
We are so thrilled that you are going to join our family. Thank you for being so fun for making MoJo so dang happy. I love how active you are and how you inspire Moj to plan activities and carry them out (let's face it, he's sort of the type that would spend all his days watching TiVo and playing video games if we let him.) Though now that I think about it, that's kind of par for the course for our family. We're kind of solitary stay-at-home types. Don't let that frustrate you. Get ready for lots of family parties that involve enough food to feed 50 and sitting around quoting movies we love and The Simpsons.

Also, get ready for lots of unsolicited advice (we're good at that). You don't have to take it. Heck, you don't even have to listen. The nice thing is that us giving you lots of unsolicited advice means you can give it to us too. You may have already noticed but when it comes to gifts we're more about quantity than quality. So really, your joining our family will amount to lots of unsolicited advice and lots of cheap gifts (boxing nuns and more fortune-telling fish may be in your near future).


PS. Claire is getting scalp massage every night in hopes that she will have hair by the time pictures roll around.

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