Thursday, February 10, 2011

V I C T O R Y, Victory, Victory hear us cry

One of our dear neighbors got a spot in a community garden and they are sharing it with us. We're calling it our victory garden because we've planted nothing but plants which would probably produce fruit even if they were grown under a rock--zucchini, pumpkins, squash and herbs, I'm looking at you.

Last week we cleared some space and planted seeds. We've gone over every couple of days to water and make sure that the weeds are staying in check. No sprouting yet but we're hopeful. Claire enjoys the garden. The neighbors we garden with have a daughter who is 2 so we've dedicated a corner of the garden to be a children's garden. Nothing is planted but they enjoy digging in the dirt and moving rocks. I'll let you guess what Claire's favorite part is.

*Those of you who are thinking, "once she tastes that she won't do it again." Wrong. She loves it. Sand, dirt, rocks, grass. No sign of her stopping any time soon. The diapers this produces are almost funny.


  1. last post didn' But I just want to say that Sallee, you are super awesome! I love every single thing you write and do. Keep it coming!!

  2. Emmy, I love the comments. It's so nice to hear that there is another baby (or 4 year-old) who seems to be surviving on nothing but air.