Tuesday, February 15, 2011

People Who Love Me

For Valentines Day Claire's gift was a book of "People Who Love Me."

I worry that living so far away from dear friends and family Claire won't know them. When my parents were here earlier this month Claire didn't remember them. And it had only been a month since she had seen them.

I thought that a book like this would help her recognize her relatives. I spent some time gathering pictures and with a little help from Picasa put together a book. I tried to include a memory of each person in the book. To give you an idea of what it looks like here is a sneak peak at Aunt Abbey's page. The caption says,

"This is my Aunt Abbey. She and my mom have traveled all over the world together. Aunt Abbey is so fun and she loves me so much. At my blessing my mom was trying to get the food for all of the guests ready. I was so hungry but my Aunt Abbey just rocked me and sang to me and I didn't cry."
The book is a hit. She has never liked trying to eat a book as much as she likes trying to eat this one.

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  1. What a nice idea, Sallee. And kids love looking at pictures. I'm glad Claire likes it so much :)