Thursday, February 17, 2011

Parent of the Year Award (part I)

The hubbs has been gone since Monday morning and Claire and I miss him but we seem to be surviving. I did mumble some choice words under my breath at a women (who happened to be driving a $150,000 car which kind of bugs so maybe I would have cursed anyway) who tried to run us over as we walked home from the gym and then pointed to the green light as if that would justify her turning right when, in fact, it actually justified me crossing the cross walk. I've also increased my intake of caffeine and sugar and I am thinking of writing thank you notes to the girls who work at play-care at the gym*.

I'm hoping that the worst of it is over and will just tell you that if you have never placed your crawling baby in the furthest possible spot in your house from the kitchen (which in a tiny so cal apartment is not very far) and then ran to the kitchen so that you could put the dishes in the dishwasher before she got back and tried to crawl into the dishwasher and the REPEATED the process because you didn't quite finish you can give yourself a big pat on the shoulder because you are a better parent than I am. Good for you.

*we are on a tight budget and my one splurge item is unlimited day care at 24 hour fitness. For $20 a month I can take Claire to the gym as often as I want. I picked that over clothes and treats. Hard to believe but true and I'm hopeful that it will mean that all of my arm flabbiness will be gone by the time MoJo and Miss K's wedding pictures have to be taken.

**Those adoring fans who would like to know how the Valentine's Party turned out I will just tell you that as one 4-year old was leaving the house he turned to his mom and said, "this is the best house I have ever been to." S.U.C.C.E.S.S. And, one thing I learned at this party. Kids care more about quantity than quality when it comes to balloons. So don't buy 6 helium-filled balloons. For the same price buy 100 balloons you have to blow up yourself and go crazy. You won't be sorry (we're still playing with the leftovers--would you say the daily scalp massages are working?).


  1. Honey, you didn't tell me about the car incident, I hope everybody is okay. Claire just wants to help you with the dishes, is that so wrong?

  2. Charlie helps with the dishes too. I've given up trying to prevent him and just keep all the silverware on the counter--no knives for babies! Everything else I can pretty much control. He also likes to try to turn the machine on and has actually done it a few times. Sigh. Toddlers.