Monday, February 28, 2011

Dancing with Myself

This weekend I went on a hot date.

By myself.

And It. Was. Awesome!

After his week in LA the hubbs had another busy week (much of the busy had to do with a man named Jimmer and a whole situation that involved the hubbs getting tickets to the game by doing hours of work which pretty much ended up earning him pennies an hour) so I had to put Claire down almost every night and then spend my evenings putzing around by myself (before you start feeling sorry for me I should tell you that the 1 night he was home he helped put her to bed, did the dishes, cleaned up all her toys and started our taxes). The hubb's brother was also here for the last part of the week and was involved in the whole Jimmer scheme. Come Saturday afternoon after a stunning victory for the cougs I decided it was time for me to do something I wanted to do (This is both unflattering and true and thoughts like, "who's thinking about me and what I want?" may have gone through my head).

So I took myself out to a movie. The hubbs told me that if I wanted, we could get a sitter and he would come. To which I responded, "that's sweet, but no thank you." I love the hubbs and I love spending time with him but dates where you have to spend money aren't really his strong suit. He sees every penny that we spend on entertainment as a penny that isn't going into our retirement (which is mostly great because we won't be eating dog food when we retire but can also be a little annoying when you need entertaining). If you can talk him into going to the movies (which has happened exactly once in the last year), if you look longingly over at the treat counter he'll get a sad look on his face and say through gritted teeth, "Do you want anything?" Which makes you not really want anything even though the Jr. Mints had been looking good.

That was not the kind of date I needed. I was looking for treats and popcorn and enjoying a little Colin Firth. Have you ever been to the movies by yourself? It's awesome. You can eat almost a whole package of Cadbury Mini Eggs and 1/2 a bag of popcorn and no one even knows.


  1. Are you sure you weren't spying on Sonia and I during the early years of our marriage? You and Sonia may have more in common than you thought. This is a hilarious post.

    Don't worry, in time you will figure out the right compromises.

  2. Yes, I have been several times. And, you're right its pretty darn fantastic.

    No one to look over and judge you if there happens to be an inappropriate part in the movie you happened to select (like you put it in there or something :) Love your posts!

  3. Awesome! We totally don't buy any treats at the movies but I always WANT to buy milk duds. Don't know why. I guess I've been conditioned. Glad you had a good time!