Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poverty Toys

At our house we're living off of one salary and still trying to put money away for retirement. That means we don't eat out very often at and sometimes the hubbs has to drink my skim milk if his 2% is gone and the budget for the month is already spent.

However, the situation is not quite as dire as those who come to our house might think. Claire has real toys, lots of them. She has a very generous grandma and I have no qualms about shopping craiglist and thrift stores.

Our efforts are often wasted.

A couple of shots of Claire playing with some of her favorite "toys." AKA "poverty toys."

Here she is chewing on a sample-size bottle of aquaphor. In front of her you can also see the toothbrush and hair pick she's playing with.

Her favorite toy might be the mason jar rings I placed on a plastic link.

And the ever-classy chewing-on-her-own-dirty-sock.

That's my girl.

You can just call me, "mom of the year."


  1. Welcome to motherhood! It's true what they say, they'll always like the box the toy came in more than the toy. My sons favorite toy is my egg cooker.

  2. :) I have friends who have NEVER purchased a toy for their child. When they are gutting their house for goodwill, they let the kid see if there's anything he wants for a toy first and then toss it all out. He has ONE small basket of toys, and he's perfectly happy! (I suspect that will change once he hits school...)

  3. @Joy We had friends who's baby used to bring the icecream scoop as her toy when she went places. We're well on the path. The egg cooker is just weird looking enough that I'm sure Claire would love it too.

    @Mishqueen I love that idea. We're more than a basket right now but with all of the kitchen tools she's loves we could easily get away with having that many toys