Sunday, January 16, 2011

With Tongue

We caught this video last night. Since then she has also attacked the walls, the windows and some old bricks.

If this is any indicator of what life will be like when she is a teenager we're in trouble.


  1. Sallee, I think it great you started a blog, I look forward to reading your post in the future.

  2. I love her throwing down the cup like "I'm through with this and am now moving on to bigger and better things." and then the little smile right before she goes in for the lick :D
    I'm excited that you have "caved" and can't to read what else you write. One of the reasons I love blogs so much is that it helps me feel as if I am a lot closer and more part of your lives (which is creepy in some cases, but not mine I assure you).
    I love you guys and can't wait for more!

  3. Hahaha. Also, I love your profile.

  4. She's so cute! I'm glad you started a blog, too. I can't wait to see more of Claire. :)

  5. Looks completely normal to me! She is darling. It is so fun to hear your Mommy commentary in the back ground. I like your profile a lot. I feel like a housewife who is "not" a lot of things as well. Your blog will be solace to my soul!