Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy busy bumblebees

We have been very busy.

Busy working in the garden

Busy working at home

Busy going to see the sites (you should all go to Cabrillo National Monument--Mom and Dad we will take you here next time you come visit us. Actually we'll take any of you who want to come and visit)

Busy relaxing with dad

And very busy showing off our intelligence 
(this was in the car--sorry about the terrible cinematography)

Book Club.  I made an executive decision and this month we are reading March.  It's a Pulitzer Prize winner that is written from the perspective of the father of the March girls from Little Women. I'm closing in on the end and I'm liking it but have lots of questions.


  1. Oh can you imagine being father March, what a nightmare? I'm guessing his version of the story goes something like this...please send me off to war so I can get out of this house. As I've got the next 7 weeks off from school, I'm going to try and read this too.

  2. I actually didn't like March as much as I had hoped when I started reading it. I wrote a review on it in Goodreads, are you on there?

  3. Oh March...March made me so sad. Looking forward to your review.

  4. I loved the book. It didn't make me sad, but it was sobering. I grew up with a father whom I adored, but he wasn't as successful at negotiating the world as he wanted to be. I guess that's part of the reason the book resonated with me.