Monday, May 23, 2011

Only in Southern California

Today Claire and I walked to the post office to send a package.  As we were walking home we crossed a busy street.  There was a lady waiting for the light to turn with us who had a large lock-box which she had attached to a luggage cart. The crosswalk was in pretty bad shape and as we got right to the end her box tipped over.  I rushed over and asked her if she needed any help.  She waved me away and said she was fine as she hauled the box back onto the luggage cart.

I said, "this road is in terrible shape. It's hard with a stroller too."

She responded, "Yeah, you know, I've got all my legal papers here. I have to bring them with me--don't want the maid to steal them."

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  1. I only wish there was an emoticon to convey the face I'm making right now.