Friday, May 13, 2011

Love and Ladies

I am back home in San Diego and grateful to be back to my own little apartment and my own little schedule. 

A couple of days before Mojo and Miss K's wedding I went to the wedding of a dear friend (who is also an x-roommate).  She looked amazing.  Her dress was beautiful.  She glowed. I will refrain from posting the crumby pictures I took of her with my phone because she is a photographer and will post beautiful pictures of herself at some point I'm sure.

I will however post a couple of pictures which were taken at her wedding.  Have you people seen the wedding photo booth?  It prints out two sets of pictures and you keep one and put the other in the couple's wedding book. 

Forever Smash will be able to remember us looking 1) Happy 2) Surprised 3) Envious and 4) Kissy.

Surprised is my favorite non-normal photo face. It's WAY better than "make a silly face," produces funny results and no one is left trying to decide what their "face" should look like.

If you're wondering if we monopolized the photo booth for longer than was recommended and took more pictures than we should have the answer is yes.


  1. And aren't we all glad you took up more time than you should have? I am because the pictures are gorgeous. You are all beautiful.

  2. So jealous. Would have loved to see you ladies. And can't wait to see Smash (who I am so happy for). You look lovely surprised by the way.

  3. Love the pictures! Your adorable and Mojo and I loved having you for the wedding. Just an FYI I just awareded you the One Lovely Blog Award. Just thought you should know!

  4. I LOVE YOU!! Why oh why have I never heard of your blog before last week?! Nashville Nelleney told me about it and I am just now making myself spend all afternoon it in complete and utter bliss, and now! Now you've just made my day with this post :) and these sharing of awesome photos. I'm sooo so glad you were able to come, it was so delightful seeing you. I can't wait to see you again and talk to you soon! Also, I would still love to see those iPhone photos you took :) xoxo

  5. Yeah! My face is on the hottest blog on the web! It was so much fun seeing you and catching up a bit. I really have missed your fun and wisdom in my life. So glad I can get a piece of it by reading your blog. You are fantastic! Love Ya!