Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday at church one of our friends, who is a Marine, wore his dress uniform.  I was so glad that he did.  Not only is a man in uniform a nice thing to look at but it was so nice to be reminded that today is not just a day off of work.

Today we went to Cabrillo National Monument (again). To get there you have to pass through the Naval Base.  There were huge celebrations and ceremonies for today.  There was even a biker gang of veterans directing traffic at the cemetery.

We spent time looking at crabs who hid from us in the tide pools, we collected seashells on the beach (and left them there--it is a National Monument). As we passed by the cemetery on our way home we talked about the lovely view from there and how it was such a nice place to rest. I stole this picture from the internet to give you an idea but there were flags at every grave and the view to the harbor was just so lovely.

Thank you to everyone who serves/has served our country. I am grateful to live where I live and have the freedom and the life that I have.  My other feelings are perhaps summed up best by this quote by Mike Birbiglia

"I love the troops because if they weren't the troops, I would be the troops.  And I would be the worst troops."

This picture is, of course, my own.  As are those two--they are certainly keepers.

**to those of you who have been on pins and needles about Claire and her peanut allergy the verdict seems to be no.  At a dinner on Sunday someone (who didn't know her checkered past) gave her a chocolate-peanut cookie (as I baked said chocolate-peanut cookies I have no one to blame but myself).  She was fine.

***Just to ensure that I'm not one of those people who paints our life out to be nothing but roses and butterflies I will also tell you that we didn't bring Claire's diaper bag on the walking part of the tour and at one point she was in her older-asian-woman squat (while we waited for the hubbs to come back with the car) and one of our friends said, "woah diaper is leaking." I guess when you're wearing really short shorts and you're squatting on the ground and your diaper reaches capacity everyone can see it if you have to go.

The good news is that I had come prepared with an extra set of clothes.  They were in the diaper bag.  With the extra diapers. Awesome.


  1. I agree that we owe thanks and respect to the people who serve in our armed forces.

    I also have visited the Cabrillo National Monument and found it a lovely, restful place. Your picture reminds me of the American cemetery on the beach at Normandy...truly a holy place. Sad that we have to have wars and that people who just want to live their lives have to die.

  2. Yeah! I'm glad you are Cabrillo fans. We need to go back (we haven't since the first time=lame). Love your stories!