Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Club: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

You all already know that we're working with Claire on discipline.  She really does love to hit people in the face. In some strange way I think that she thinks it's a way to show excitement but we're trying to break her of the habit. She also throws things.  At other people.  All the time.  On Sunday she picked up one of our friends' toys and smacked him in the head with it.  The good news is that our friend (who is only 8 months old) didn't seem to mind at all.  I did mind.

But even as we're trying to discipline her I'm so worried that she's going to lose the spunk that we love.  (By the way, we are taking any and all suggestions on the discipline front.) 

That being said, Minli is just the kind of girl that I want Claire to read about--just the right mix of spunk, bravery, discipline, kindness and love for her family (When Claire and I read the book together I will be sure to stress that running away from your family is absolutely not allowed.)

The pictures are beautiful, the story is good and I walked away from the book with  lots to think about.  We have lived in San Diego for nearly a year and still there are days when I am driving down the freeway (for some reason this feeling seems to hit me on the San Diego freeway way more often than it hits me any other place) and I am overwhelmed with the fact that we live in California--a thousand miles away from my family in a totally new place and that doesn't look like it's going to change.  Some days that feeling brings me to tears (once again almost always on the freeway that can't be just a coincidence) as I imagine missed playdates with cousins and grandparents.  Missed recitals, soccer games and talks given in church.

***Spoiler Alert*** As I read through the book I tried to imagine what was the word written on the paper that was the secret to happiness. I imagined things like Love or Service or something else that was equal parts cheesy and true but I am pleased to report that the traditional Chinese tale didn't disappoint and the key to happiness in our lives in Thankfulness.

I live in San Diego, California.  It is paradise.  We have only been here 10 months and we have amazing friends who love us and support us. And even though it is 1,000 miles from home (actually it's not even close to that but that makes it sound as far as it feels) my own dear mother is always only a phone call away. Gratitude is the only cure for that tightening in my chest (that and a quick call home or to the hubbs) and I really do believe that it is the key to happiness.

Ok, so what did you think of Minli?
And do you have suggestions for next month's book club?


  1. I think he rather liked being hit in the face with his own toy by an older woman. Come to think of it, that makes me concerned for his romantic future.

  2. This was a post I needed today. Thankfulness = Happiness. I want to remember that. Samuel hits all the time too. Others and himself (which really drives me crazy). For us a two minute time out in his crib seems to help. It doesn't always curb the behavior but it does let him know it's not ok and gives me a chance to talk about it with him. Some people think time out in the crib is a bad plan because it might make him not want to be in his bed for sleeping but we have found the opposite to be true for Samuel. It's a calm safe place where he can calm down and get a snuggle when the two minutes are up. Good Luck. We are still trying to figure this one out!