Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Sky at Night

Yesterday the hubbs sent me an email.  The title of the email was, "what time is your meeting tonight?" and all it said was, "It would be fun to go see this ship tonight"

The hubbs doesn't make suggestions about family activities too often so when he does we try to accommodate him. We headed down to the pier and checked out the world's second largest sailing vessel which is operated by the Chilean Navy.  It's impressive. We couldn't get too close to it but the very nice security guard told us that the tours (which take place around 2 in the afternoon) are thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attend them and everyone seems a little noshed afterward (he suspects there is champagne on board but has not yet been on the tour himself).

I loved walking along the embarcadero. I love the pedi cabs, the joggers, the stinky sea air. Mostly it's just fun to get out.

And it's fun to chase the birds.

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