Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today there is only one thought in my head and that is that in 48 hours we are going to Utah. Hurrah.  I am so ready for two weeks of being spoiled by my parents.  

So, if you came here looking for inspiration and thoughtful witty banter.  Sorry.  Not gonna happen today or tomorrow probably.  So instead I will just tell you about the newest addition to our house.  For her birthday (many moons ago) Claire was given a table and chairs by her grandmas.  They actually just gave us the cash and this week we finally went to go pick it up.  Claire and I went to Ikea (the hubbs had to work late so we took on Ikea all by ourselves--I was very proud of us).  We went to the kids section and tried out the desk and chair.  Her little face lit up when she realized that there was a whole section of furniture that was just her size.  She cried when we left. 

Since then we've put the table to good use.  

Done some drawing

and invited dad to a lunch-time picnic on the patio.

And here are some bonus pictures.  Seriously, can you get enough of that tummy?  I can not.

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