Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who knew?

If, when I were 21, you would have told me that at some later date when I walked into my own house not only would I know immediately how long it had been since we vacuumed but that I would care, I would have looked at you like you were crazy (any of you who lived with me would have also looked at the person who would say those kinds of things as if they were crazy).  You would have gotten a similar look if you would have told me that my favorite smell would be the lingering cleaning-supply-smell of a house that has just been cleaned.

Happy Cleaning Day.

And if you like having a clean house too you should check out this post from my friend Maren.  I'm thinking of having a cleaning party where I invite ladies to my house and we eat snacks and everyone shares their favorite cleaning product or trick (my house would, of course, be ready to be the tester for any and all cleaning demonstrations).

Man, just writing that down makes me seem like an even bigger nerd.

What are your favorite cleaning tips?


  1. I am totally IN on that party. Seriously. And I want Lucynthia to come and demo how you can clean your whole house with baking soda and water. Not that I don't believe it but...that's freaking amazing.

  2. Cleaning tip from Jim:
    "If you're using a shovel rather than a broom, get help."

    Tip from Joan:
    empty the dishwasher as soon as it finishes its cycle because then dirty dishes can just go in the dishwasher instead of in the sink. I'm working on this...