Thursday, September 8, 2011

All ye that labor

This year for labor day we labored to relax.  We went to meet baby Adam who had arrived in the world less than 24 hours before we met him, and then headed to San Juan Capistrano.  We hardly ever leave San Diego County so even if the Mission turned out to be boring it would have been a worth-while trip for us just to get out and about.

Lucky for us the mission is 100% awesome and you should absolutely go there. (It rained on and off the whole day so please forgive the fuzzy hair.)

A couple of our friends from the OC told us that after our trip to the mission we should cross the street and go to eat at Pedro's Tacos (something of an OC institution I guess.  We were a little suspect.  We don't like In n' Out Burger (another California institution) at all so when people tell us that there is a California fast food joint that we have to try out we sort of roll our eyes).

Pedro's was amazing.

So Pedro's and your cheap and delicious Carne Asada burrito, we'll see you soon.

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  1. I wondered where those lovely picture came from. Maybe we can go visit again while I am there?????please.....