Thursday, September 15, 2011

You can just call me a computer genius

I am complete idiot when it comes to maintaining computers and my MO until this point has been to just get a new computer every couple of years.  Every time my computer starts slowing down or has trouble starting I just head out and for $400 get a brand new one--works like a charm.  This last couple of weeks my computer has been annoyingly slow.  It's 3 or 4 years old, missing the 'm' key and the battery is shot but it has served me well.  The trouble is that thanks to what I like to call, "the plumbing problem that can not be resolved" there isn't $400 in the budget to get a new one. 

And things were starting to get serious.  I have not been able to watch netflix at all while other programs are running for a week. The agony.

So today I took matters into my own hands. I removed old, unneeded programs, I made sure that there weren't any unneeded programs starting automatically at startup, I defragmented the memory and I did something else that I don't even know what it was but it told me that it freed up memory space.  I worked and worked.

Don't be too dazzled because I'm quite sure that I could not recreate the effort. But it worked.  Like some kind of computer miracle I am watching Netflix and blogging at the same time. 

My small victory has inspired me.  Maybe I don't need to buy a cheap laptop every couple of years and instead I can just learn to take care of this one.  It's good for the environment, good for my brain and good for my pocketbook.

My next project is to see if I can get more RAM and install it.  Let the researching begin.

I'll have to take a lesson from Claire who at our trip to the San Diego Mission insisted on reading, carrying and interpreting the only map they gave us.


  1. Also, do remember you have two computer engineer brother-in-laws (and a brother) who'd love to help you!

  2. You are a GENIUS!!!

    I am becoming a believer in not replacing computers so often. Everything I read seems to support your MO. But my grandma gave me a new computer after I graduated from high school, and we've nursed it along for 11 1/2 years now. Granted, it was a nice computer at the time, but still.

    I never could have kept it going on my own, so hats off to you. But Brad somehow brings mine back to health every time it stops playing Netflix (my diagnostic test, as well). We've added the RAM or whatever it's called and some other things over the years, but it's still going, and still playing Netflix.

    I used to want a new computer, but now I just want to see exactly how long I can keep this one going. It feels like a small victory over The Man.