Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some rules are made to be broken

We don't have too many parenting rules at our house. I like to think that kids have a pretty good sense of what they need and we try to let Claire make mistakes so she can learn from them (I'll let you know in 20 years how that's panned out for us).  At our house kids eat sand and sometimes crayons.  Claire climbs on things only to fall off them and if she wants to eat so many blueberries that she gives herself diarrhea she gets to.  I figure she'll learn. 

But there is one hard fast rule that we do stick to and only break in the most dire of circumstances--Never Wake a Sleeping Baby.  The doctor tells me to wake up my two-week old baby for feeding and I just ignore him.  I schedule appointments around nap time and I've been known to make the hubbs come home from work (he can work from home and he just works around the corner) if it looks like we're going to have to wake her up for me to go somewhere.

That being said, this week I broke that rule.  Claire has been sleeping from 7 pm until 8 am.  Which is pretty awesome except.....(I know that I'm about to complain about a baby who sleeps for 13 hours straight so feel free to stop reading here if you'd like) that she's only been taking 45 minute naps during the day.  And I'm not talking about two 45-minute naps during the day...just one. One 45 min nap during the whole of the day.  And it was killing me.

Last night we kept her up until 8 and this morning I walked into her room at 7 am and I broke that cardinal rule which was scary because it's kind of the only one we have. 

We're already at 1 hour and 45 minutes of nap time....oh let the clock keep ticking, let the clock keep ticking.

**Book Club.  This month (actually for the next 2) we're reading Moby Dick as suggested by Joan.  Get psyched to dig into a classic.  I've just started and it's slow-going but I'm enjoying it.

***Remember when Gilderoy Lockhart made the test for the first day of school to test if the kids had read the assigned books over the summer and it was all full of questions about him?  What's Gilderoy Lockhart's favorite color? What is his ideal birthday present?

Don't you think it would be totally hilarious if that was the next Facebook/blogger trend?  People making quizzes all about themselves to see how carefully you're reading their blog/facebook page? 


  1. Awesome for you! I did the same with Jacob and to this day he still has horrible sleeping patterns. With A, I have woken her up so that she will sleep when I want, and it's worked like a charm. She has been 100xs easier than J as a baby. I guess each kid is different, very different!

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