Friday, September 9, 2011

A year ago....

A year ago this weekend we picked up our little family and moved to San Diego.  That next day my mom flew in to help me unpack and get adjusted to life in a new state. On our first trip to Trader Joe's my mom bought me a pineapple fern which we loved and which died a couple of months later.   In my traditional lazy-lady fashion the dead plant has sat on my porch since then.

Just two weeks ago it started sending forth little shoots.  And now I know that we have a perennial on our hands.  Lucky thing I didn't throw it away.

Today I am flying to Washington DC to celebrate the marriage of one of my favorite people.  It is the first time I am leaving Claire over night.  It's hard to say who's more nervous about the situation.  Of course, I have a couple of long flights where I'll be able to read, watch movies and relax and the hubbs has two days with a busy little lady.

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