Sunday, December 11, 2011

Book Club: Jane Eyre pt 1

So remember when we used to read and talk about books on this blog?  Me too.

The trouble is that 10 days ago Jane Eyre was walking toward the church with Mr. Rochester and I just couldn't go on.  I couldn't bear to think of the two people waiting for her inside and the terrible secret locked in the attic.

I let it sit for a few days and just this afternoon (cuddled in a chair with a heating pad and the smell of a Christmas tree wafting around me) I finished.  So can we talk about Jane next week?  Maybe on Friday?  Does that give you enough notice?

Good.  Friday it is.


  1. Hey lovely lady! I am so glad I finally looked up your blog, it is saved on my blog feed so I can keep up with you and your cute family:)

  2. I'm beyond the tragedy at the church and she's staying at Moor House. I, too, have found the reading rather difficult because I know what's going to happen. I couldn't even enjoy her falling in love because I knew it was hopeless. What I've noticed is that I know the story so well that I'm noticing some foreshadowing and preaching that I didn't remember from my previous readings (and that has been more than once). It's not as enjoyable a re-read as say Pride and Prejudice (which has had more reads during my life than this one); I wonder if that says something about the craft of Ms. Bronte. I do remember in lit. classes having teachers say that Jane Eyre was not the equal of Wuthering Heights and me feeling angry about the comment, but....maybe it's true. That said, I'm trying not to skip ahead and read the end (as I always do) because thinking about it makes the tragedy less. See you on Friday in this spot where we can chat....

  3. Sallee, oh my gosh I love Jane Eyre! I finally read it like a year ago, and can't believe I spent so many years on earth without reading that book. I love it! I will be back for book club!