Thursday, December 8, 2011

A warning to the hubbs

The hubbs is an incredibly good man.  He works hard, helps around the house, loves playing with Claire and is a stone fox to boot.  He however, isn't without his faults.  He is terrible at pretending like he is enjoying something when he is not.  You'll know straight off if he doesn't like something you cooked right away by the gagging noises and copious amounts of water he needs to get it down.  You'll also know if you've picked an activity he doesn't like by the unreal number of eye rolls coming your way.

One activity that inspires such eye rolling is reading together--especially if it's touching and inspiring holiday stories that I'm making him read out loud.  The good news is that I have put enough time in the last three years watching college sports that he owes me {big}--so I'm going to put on my blinders to the eye rolling and read on.

Dear hubbs, get ready.  In no particular order here are the stories that we will be reading {out loud} this holiday season (get your eyeballs ready):

  • The Christmas chapter from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (the one where Francie and Neely get the tree thrown at them.  It's 26 if you're looking for it.  Warning: there are curses in it)--Betty Smith
  • A Christmas Memory--Truman Capote
  • The Gift of the Magi--O Henry
  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever--Barbara Robinson

Okay literary people.  What am I missing?  What are your go-to Christmas stories.


  1. I love the Best Christmas Pageant Ever! We also have a tradition of reading Annie and the Wild Animals (and by we I mean my Mom and I) every Christmas, though it's not necessarily a Christmas story, but has beautiful illustrations.

  2. What is the going exchange rate for hours of sports to touching holiday stories?

  3. So this is probably too long to read aloud, but I am reading A Christmas Carol for the first time in years, and I am LOVING it!

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  5. "Merry Christmas, Harry" by Mary Chalmers. Hard to find now, but it remains my #1 All Time Favorite Christmas book. It's about a little cat (Harry) who wishes for Santa to bring him a kitten. So his mom (also a cat, but wearing a skirt) takes him to see (human) Santa at the (human) department store. By now you can probably figure out at least 15 reasons why I love this little book!