Monday, January 16, 2012


My friend Rory is doing a blog project this month. After being egged on by her readers she committed to write a confession on her blog every day for the next 27 days.

I am a little in love with the project. There is something about it.  I love getting a glimps into her life.  And, to be honest, I also love the fact that after reading her blog entry every morning this song is in my head all day long.

I'm not sure I could tackle the project that she's taking on.  I've thought about it over the last 3 days and the confessions that I can think of are either 1. So mundane and idiotic that they could hardly even be classified under the category of confessions (Oh really? You are suddenly terrified at the prospect of living with an almost 2-year old who has discovered the power of the tantrum?  You have to keep all candy out of the house because if you didn't you would sometimes hide in the closet during a tantrum and eat it all?  Shocking).  Or 2. So personal and terrifying that I haven't even admitted them fully to myself.

And the tricky part is that no one wants to read about the confessions that fall into the first category. I myself am anxiously waiting for Rory to divulge the confessions that fit into the second category.  The idea of revealing that to the interwide web is terrible and horrifying to me but the trick is that the kind of writing that I'm drawn to and my favorite blogs to read are the ones where people explore those kinds of confessions.  And it's not just in a celebrity gossip, voyeur kind of way.  Reading that kind of thing helps me understand my own confessions a little better.

So here's to Rory.  And her 27 days of confessions--may we all learn a great deal.

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  1. Oh, Sallee...your blog gives me courage and inspiration and laffs so regularly I should probably pay you a proper subscription fee. Thank you for this post--I can use the encouragement, HAR. xoxo