Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Worth the Wait

Did you know that you can watch Season 2 of Downton Abbey on PBS.org?  (I was worried I'd have to wait to see it on Netflix)

I only found out last night.

And I've been busy ever since.


  1. GAH! We just discovered this show, maybe...3 weeks ago? And we're already done with all two seasons. High end soap opera maybe, but I want more!! I'm so glad you know about Downton Abbey.

  2. You too? That's hilarious. Thanks for the tip. I just finished season one last week! Yes, Ashley, it does remind me of a soap opera, but much more sophisticated with those British accents and fancy clothes. Plus, the cinematography is much better than a soap opera...no long dramatic close ups and everything doesn't happen in the living room. They actually go outside! Anyway, way too long of a comment. Thanks Sallee. Best post yet ;)!