Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day Camp Co-op

I didn't grow up in a land of day camp.  In Salt Lake summer rolling around just meant that you could spend every day playing with friends, watching TV and riding bikes to tennis and swim lessons.  I have vivid memories of riding my bike to the Salt Lake Swimming and Tennis Club with my towel wrapped around my neck and my tennis racket stuck down the back of my shirt.

Summer was blissful but pretty unorganized.  

That is not the case here on the East Coast.  Summer Camp is a pretty big deal even for someone Claire's age.  Because I refuse to go broke putting my 3-year-old into day camp I opted to join up with a Co-op day camp.  We spent last year pal-ing around with a group of women I met via meet-up (yes, I have a whole slew of friends that I met online.  I know...a little weird, but it's the times we live in people) and they planned on doing a co-op camp.  We have loved it.  We go twice a week for 2 hours and it's perfect for Claire.  I have also loved it.  Claire still feels anxious when I leave her so Noah and I putz around for 2 hours in a huge backyard which isn't bad for us either. 

Thursday is my first day hosting.  I, of course, may change my mind about loving camp after my turn to host.

making an ocean

sensory bins

Noah and the other babies hanging out on the ocean

dyed hands after they made slime

Mac and Claire stop by the baby pool.  Later that day we went to Costco and Claire was still decked out in just her swimsuit.  I didn't even worry about it.  Do you know how hot it's been here

Another reason we love camp is that there are lots of other babies to play with. 

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  1. I totally used Meet Up to find a mom's group when we moved here and it was awesome. Day camp looks like lots of fun! Our version of day camp around here is vacation bible school. I have signed Samuel up for all of the ones that will take kids his age. He might end up being baptist by the end of the summer, but he is loving it, and a few extra bible stories never hurt anyone.