Sunday, July 28, 2013

The best little museum exhibit

There's this little museum in town called the Hudson River Museum.  It's a fun place to visit and most Saturdays they have a family craft project you can do.  The museum is also part of a museum conference that includes all of the museums in Salt Lake so when we go to Salt Lake we can visit all of the museums for free (all for $60 a year--totally worth it).

A couple of weeks ago the museum opened a new exhibit and for some reason I just didn't get there to see it until this Wednesday.  We took Nathan back on Saturday because it was was just that cool.  Federico Uribe is this amazing artist and the instillation is so worth it.  It closes on August 11 and if you're close, go see it.

Those are keyboard keys.

The two older girls live across the street and they come over every day.  My new plan is to take them places because when we get home I can just send them home (if I don't they linger here all day asking me to do craft projects with them and Claire cries when I make them go home--there's a longer post about this somewhere because dealing with them has been a pretty big parenting challenge.  This new plan is making things a lot better)

Claire spent most of our time there using her magic spelling wand.

Those are bullet casings.

And those are phone cords from when phones used to actually have cords

I want a window-box like this

Pine tree made of book spines and those fish in the background are made of paintbrush handles

This was a beehive and the bees were made of the metal eraser holder part of pencils and press-on nails.

And afterward Claire worked on a card for her cousin Janey-poo.  She read me the card today and told me it said, "Janey, we should play and have a sleepover and then we can go to your house."

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  1. Very cool, I'll have to check it out for sure. Have a look at Ann Carrington, she does some interesting work with found objects, I really like her unique work.