Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knox Reunion on the CT coast

A couple of months ago a friend from college and I hatched a plan to meet up this summer.  We started out talking about just meeting up for a night while she was visiting her brother.  I didn't know if the hubbs would have enough vacation to join us so we started out thinking small.

Then it changed.  And suddenly we had rented a beach house in Guilford, CT for the 4th of July weekend.

{and here are the gratuitous photos}
The craft bag--all ready to go with high hopes

Sadly, all of New York had the same idea we did.  

We kept our spirits high though

The weekend was full of things like bathing in an iron claw-foot tub,

Making rock monsters,

practicing entries,

Sun bathing

and taking pictures that make it look like our kids eat vegetables.

Noah had a love/hate relationships with the weather--he is the sweatiest boy known to man (here he is on a sweaty tour of the thimble islands; the most outright display of rich, white people being rich, white people I have ever seen)
But his sweaty nature also means he loves a good dip in the splash pad.

The good news is that we have just gotten cuter since college and it was like 13 years had hardly passed at all.

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