Monday, July 15, 2013

Ladies Weekend

This weekend Frances had a baby shower.  Friday night I boarded a $25 bus bound for DC and didn't look back (okay, somewhere during the supposed-to-be-4-hour-ride-that-turned-into-6 I might have looked back a little).

Celebrating Frances and her soon-to-be little lady was totally worth it.

 Dana stole the show with her original poem (in rhyming couplets no less).  After the shower Dana and I headed downtown to take in a little bit of the National Portrait Gallery and Museum of Modern Art.  It was lovely to spend a whole weekend chatting with the ladies but I think my favorite part was, in the middle of the Museum Dana turned to me and asked me if I knew what a certain sculpture was made of.  I guessed wood (wrong) and Dana said, "There aren't any guards around.  Touch it."

And I did. It's actually metal

And this made me cry.  Try reading it.

The hubbs and the kids had a great time too.  Claire summed up her weekend with dad this morning when she said, "when I was home with dad I got to watch TV all day.  Can you believe that?  I want to do that again."

I'd like that too sweetie.


  1. What a treat to see you! Come back soon. -Dana

  2. Is that piece (horse) Deborah Butterfield? JEALOUS!