Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Club Reminder

Ladies and gents I just wanted to remind you that for book club this month we are reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  I started this book club because I wanted to continue to read challenging books and talk about them (a girl who stays home with a toddler has to make sure that she uses her brain every day).  I read lots of books that I don't talk about on this blog but I wanted to be sure to continually read books that couldn't be summed up with a declaration of either being on team Edward or team Jacob.

That being said I should warn you that Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is written for a 3rd grade audience.  Let's call this break from the Pulitzer prize winners our summer vacation.  And instead of reading something so sad we want to poke our eyes out (March...I'm looking at you) we're reading something fun and light-hearted.  One of our book club members recommended it and it had this glowing recommendation on Amazon

I got Where the Mountain Meets the Moon in my Easter basket. This book is so creative and I haven't read anything that even stands up to this book. The characters and art in this book are amazing. I am in third grade and would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading. This book was very touching and even gave me some tears in my eyes. I loved how the author told about Chinese culture and legends. I couldn't put this book down! Go grab yourself a copy today...quick!"

How could we say no? On July 1st we'll talk about the book and we will be accepting comments from all friends, book club members and third graders.

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