Friday, June 10, 2011

Color me Flattered

This morning I was featured on Simply Utah.  It is hands-down the nicest review I have ever had.  They were so kind.  It was very flattering.  Simply Utah is a great site that highlights local businesses and blogs.  And even though I don't live in Utah (anymore) they still let me be part of their team because I love Utah.  If you like supporting small businesses you should check them out.

My feature on Simply Utah did remind me how much I like blogging.  I know that it's a somewhat selfish venture (check out the posts that Lyndsay referenced--I have told you all about Clinton Kelly, Full House...I am sure that the list will just get more and more embarrassing as time goes on) and I just wanted to say, "thank you" to those of you who read this.  Thank you for indulging this selfish little spot.  Thank you for commenting, for reading and for the first 100 posts--here's to 100 more.

As you well know, I like to show appreciation with food but a chest cold seems to have taken hold at our house and there is a small girl on my lap who sounds a little like a warthog.  So instead of sleeping (which she normally does in the afternoons) and writing (which I do while she sleeps) we are eating cheddar bunnies and watching Kipper the Dog.  So there will be no baking today (we also don't have any eggs).  Just snuggling and snorting.

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