Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you're trying to impress the hubbs....

I've mentioned before that the hubbs doesn't like celebrating.  I mentioned this to a couple of friends who were over and the hubbs said, "I believe in giving Christmas gifts."

If it were up to him that would be the extent of present-giving in our house.  There would be no house decorating and "made-up" holidays like Valentines and Mother's day would be totally ignored. That being said, it's not like the hubbs is a party-pooper.  He loves traditions.  He loves telling us about what they did when he was a kid and he always wants to recreate those experiences. During Christmas his family always made these gluten-free cookies and treats (his grandma has celiacs) and he always wants to bake those with  us at Christmas.

So when preparing a celebration for Father's Day I have to be careful.  I need to remember that it's about tradition and then he'll like it more.

I've also been struggling with this one little thing (and if any of you have advice I would love to get it). But I don't make my own money anymore.  It feels funny buying a present for the hubbs with money that he made when he would rather just save the money (it also feels funny buying clothes for me and other expendable items when I feel like the money isn't mine--really, advice anyone?).  It's just a little tricky.  I'm still adjusting to not having money of my own anymore. (and just to be perfectly clear this has nothing to do with the hubbs he is generous and does not begrudge me staying home)

The hubbs grew up in Oregon and he remembers summers spent picking blueberries and strawberries. A couple of weeks ago he was telling Claire and me about the day they went to pick strawberries and how it was one of the best days of the whole summer and how they all made themselves sick eating strawberries then they spent the afternoon making jam.

To start off Father's Day 2011 weekend we went on a family date to pick strawberries.  This is a little different from Oregon in the 80's--it was WAY more expensive than buying strawberries from Costco but more sunny and we did follow family tradition and ate so much that we got sick.

Saturday night Claire and I worked on a card for the hubbs with some friends who came over.

Then on Sunday we presented the hubbs with his gift and card. He got some strange soda from the local Bev-Mo (the hubbs likes non-cola soda but I never buy it).  The plan was for Claire to take the hubbs a bottle of grapefruit soda (the flavor that the hubbs used to drink with his dad) with a card that said "Thank you for sharing the things that you loved to do with your family."  Then she was going to take out a six-pack of other flavors with a card that said, "and thank you for trying new things with me too."

It didn't work out exactly as planned but the hubbs got the general idea and he got the soda. 

Father's Day success


  1. That made me tear up just a bit.

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