Friday, June 24, 2011

Randomly enough...

Auntie Melissa sent a gift this week.  100% success.  Thank you Auntie. 

Don't mind the nakedness of the pictures (that's one of the ways we keep the fever down--not the pictures but the nakedness) and I swear that we do feed her.

This has been a hard week.  Claire has 3 new teeth in the last 4 days.  The fevers have been high, the crying bouts long and no one in the house has slept all the way through the night in over a week.  Yesterday I called my mom.  Claire was crying on the porch, I was nearly in tears and I just said, "I need to hear that it gets better."  She assured me that it does--that babies' teeth come in and some day in the not-to-distant future we will play and have fun again.

Claire just started screaming 30 minutes into her nap so I jumped out of the shower and rocked her wearing nothing but a towel for 40 minutes.  She screamed the whole time--it's that darn 3rd tooth of the week still pushing it's way through the gums.

I am moving forward with does get better.  It gets so much better.

Have you read this article yet?  You should.  It's thought-provoking.  While I was sitting in church on Sunday they announced that one of the people who was going to address us had just returned from being a missionary in Dallas where he taught in Spanish.  The 50+ year old man behind me leaned to his wife and said, "Spanish speaking in Texas?  Must have been preaching to those illegals." He said, "illegals" like is was a terribly dirty word.  I wanted to turn around and punch him right there.  Don't worry, I didn't.  It made my heart sick to hear him especially as he was with his 2 teenage kids (keep in mind that the freeway signs by my house list the distance to the international border and it's not far). 

Talking about immigration gets me all riled up because so many people forget that we are not talking about "illegeals."  We are talking about human beings and families and little kids and people who just want a better life.

And lastly, if you're wondering how I feel about The Book of Mormon Musical the answer is, I'm pissed.  I consider myself a very liberal Mormon but I'm still not going to say it's okay.  I don't believe in making fun of other people's religious beliefs. Period.  I am not going to see it and I don't think you should see it either.

Were you waiting for the rapture?  Great, I'm not going to say one word about it being silly, I'm not going to join facebook groups that are getting ready to go looting when all of the good people are taken up because I don't diss other people's religious beliefs. I'd be just as peeved if the musical were called The Torah (and quite frankly, I think a whole heck of a lot more people would be peeved if that were the title).

Luckily, this guy's with me


  1. And I am so glad you explained that you do feed th4e baby whose ribs are showing....I wasn't thinking you didn't feed her, but....she does look awfully skinny. Give her kisses and hugs from me.

  2. My new argument for fellow church members who talk about "the illegals" is, "You know that song that goes 'because I have been given much, I too must give'? Yeah, it's a good one."