Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Rich Quick

After more than a year of blogging here on this blog it seems clear to me that it is never going to make me a million dollars (or even just $10).   I have come to terms with that (mostly).

I have been toying around with the idea for a new blog which I am sure will take the internet by storm and make me a millionaire. Imagine this little piece of brilliance if you will.

 Blog Title: "Things a Chubby Girl Thinks."

Blog header:

Blog content: Each blog post would be a thought that has actually crossed my brain at one point. ex.

1) I bet this would be better with peanut butter.

2) Do you think I could substitute coconut milk for 2%?

3) Of course I'll lick the beaters. No sense wasting good batter.

4) I've already showered.  I can't go to the gym now.

Admit it.  You're hooked already.  What did I tell you?  It's a look into a mind that has an obsession with food, lots of creativity and little to no self control.

Millionaire in no time.


  1. I think you're right. We've all had those thoughts.

  2. Haha! please please start such a blog...

  3. Thought # 1: Kit-Kat, oreos, apples, carrots, cheerios, brownies, cheesecake, raisins, ice cream, graham crackers, bacon, chocolate, pancakes, rice krispy treats, pretzels, cheddar cheese, bananas, oat meal, butter, marshmallow cream, potato chips, frosting, bagels, fritos, broccoli, cinnamon rolls, butterscotch pudding, all pudding, mayonnaise, sacrament meeting, road trips, kissing,