Monday, March 26, 2012

When you know, you know.

Last week grandma sent money for Claire's birthday present. I had asked for a pair of saltwater sandals. We had a pair last year (which grandma bought us--I don't know that I would have splurged on them but I am so glad grandma did because I am convinced forever of their amazingness).  Last year's pair was bright pink and Claire wore them almost every day for nearly 10 months.  We decided it was time to retire them just last month when we put them on and after taking a couple of steps Claire called out, "too tight.  Too tight."

Thursday we walked into Nordstrom and I held Claire up to the display and said, "What color do you want? White, silver, pink or purple?" I would have picked white or silver--practical me thinking about how you can wear those with everything and when you're spending $30 on a pair of kid shoes you want to make the most of them.  Claire had a different idea.  As soon as she saw the bright purple sandals her little face lit up and I could just tell that those sandals sang to her heart. "Purple! Purple!" she called.

So we splurged.  All I had to do was remind myself that really, you can wear bright purple sandals with everything too.

*I know it was a good decision as she has insisted on napping with the shoes in her crib for the last 3 days.

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  1. When you started talking about the sandals, I knew exactly the ones you were talking about. I can't picture little Claire without her signature pink sandals! I'm thinking the purple will fit her just as well! Good choice, Claire.