Monday, August 4, 2014

Dirty Laundry

Two clothes related stories:
1. Last night I dreamed that my little brother walked into my parent's house wearing nothing but his underwear.  When we questioned what he was doing he said that he had gained weight and that he didn't feel comfortable with his body and none of his clothes fit him right.  I then spent the next whole section of the dream trying to convince him that robes like Jesus wore were his best option.

There's a whole analysis of that dream that could probably happen and would reveal all kinds of horrifying things about my pregnant self but first and foremost I think we can glean this little bit of wisdom--DO NOT TAKE FASHION ADVICE FROM ME WHILE I AM PREGNANT.  Clearly I've gone crazy.  Just to cement that I'm seriously considering muumuus for the rest of my pregnancy because really, aren't they the perfect summer/huge belly clothing option?

When I was 10 my grandparents went on a trip to Hawaii in November.  That Christmas we all got Hawiian themed gifts.  Fanny packs for the boys and muumuus for the girls.  Mine looked just like this.  That went down as the most hilarious Christmas in family history because we considered ourselves so far above both fanny packs and muumuus that we weren't afraid to wear them ironically.  Well who's laughing now eh?

2. In our house we have lots of white clothes.  There's a whole section of them that aren't supposed to be bleached and for some reason they are always a little stinky.  I've tried all kinds of options to help with the vague smellyness: vinegar, borax, baking soda, just a little bleach; and they still come out just faintly stinky.  Last week in the mail I got a sample of a new product from downy called Unstoppable (it was in a packet of things mailed to people who have moved recently).  They are these little things that look like wax beads that you through in the wash cycle.  This morning, on a whim, I tried it.  I used half the recommended dose and my. gosh.  I feel confident that it worked because my whole house smells like downy. I ordered some right away.   So goodbye ecologically friendly options to non-smelly clothes and hello to the chemical storm that is downy and whites that are never even a little smelly.


  1. This might be your funniest post ever.

  2. I'm agreeing that muumuus sound like the best option for big pregnant bellies in the summer. Dresses or PJs are my favorite clothes lately.