Saturday, August 16, 2014

This week in pictures

A couple of nights ago I sat down to write about how summer has just started to turn to fall here.  We can hear crickets when we open the windows at night and it's starting to really cool down at night.  It's such a lovely time of year but this year it's filled with mixed emotions as we await the arrival of a new little lady and Claire is going to start going to formal PreK every day--it feels like we are entering a new stage of life and we only have a few more weeks to enjoy the stage we are in now.

My post had to be postponed.  This week I had an awful head cold (which should not be allowed when you are pregnant and already having trouble sleeping) and I gave it to Noah.  Sadly, when he caught it it turned to croup and an ear infection.  We had a long couple of days there and now I'm playing picture catch up.

For months now Noah has carried around 3-4 Matchbox cars wherever he goes.  This is tricky because when your hands are already full of cars you can't really pick up or play with anything else.  This week we convinced him to wear a backpack full of cars instead of carrying them in his hand.  The results are both functional and ADORABLE

Yes, Claire is carrying a jar full of popsicle sticks.  She has written the names of everyone she knows on them and she uses them to play church.  She'll pull a name out of the jar until she gets to the name of someone who is present and then ask them a question.  Any of you who have ever been to a Mormon primary will know she is spot-on.

We hit this zoo this week which was a total dram because it wasn't too crowded and also wasn't too hot.

The zoo has a Dinosaur safari during the summer.  It's like a huge hayride and along the side there are animatronic dinosaurs.

You can see how much my kids love it.  That's our friend Evie behind Claire and she's hiding her head in her mom's lap.  The dino safari should be fun but really, for us, it's terrifying.

Noah had to leave the zoo early for a nap and Claire elected to stay and come home with her friends rather than come with us--kind of a big deal for someone who mostly stays at home with mom all the time.

This afternoon we went to our church picnic.  We played with bubbles.

made clover chains


played with friends

and did some booty dancing with the women from the church group--just your average church picnic in the Bronx.  As we were leaving Noah turned to me and said, "my like the stomp! stomp."

We know summer ends soon.  We're getting as many slurpees as we can and making as many silly faces as we can too.

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