Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It was an accident

"Mom, the sheets accidentally fell off your bed."
"And we accidentally brought them downstairs."

Sometimes I think that we should have a stricter house but then my kids pull all of the sheets off my bed and bring them down the stairs so they can hide from me and their little giggling faces make me realize that I don't really like stricter rules either.

*Pay no attention to the piles of things lined up on the stairs.  This house is 3 stories and instead of taking things where I should when I find them I pile them up on the stairs.  The idea of this is to save my 7-month pregnant self from  having to run up and down the stairs.  It's only mildly effective.  Mostly the house is just messier than it should be and the stairs are loaded with piles and piles of things.  I still have to trudge up and down the stairs more often than I'd like and even more regularly than I should I'm carrying 40lbs of wiggling and writhing Noah with me.

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