Saturday, August 9, 2014

How to be popular

We've been in our new neighborhood for about 2 months now and we love it.  We love being able to walk to the bakery and the grocery store and the small hardware store (we've been to all of those today).  Our move to the new neighborhood also meant a new religious congregation for us.  Mormon congregations are divided geographically so once you're in a place you don't have options of where to attend--you attend where you're assigned (lots of Mormons base where they live on what the religious congregation is like).

Not too many weeks after landing in the Bronx I got a new church assignment working with the kids again.  It's an assignment that I love.  And, I hate to brag but I'm pretty good at it too.  Last week we talked about prayer and I found a way to incorporate this little gem into my lesson.

I'm pretty sure I'm the most popular person in the world with kids ages 8-11 in the church right now.  Try it with your kids--totally fun.

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