Sunday, August 24, 2014


This week the hubbs took Thursday and Friday off.  We would have loved to have spent all of our time together doing exciting things but this whole family has been battling a horrific cold and on Friday the hubbs was struck down.  We did manage to go out and do some totally awesome things as a family.

Noah had an awesome birthday.  Per his request we went to the farm with our friends.

In the afternoon we went to go and see a historic ship that was docked in Yonkers.

And there was cake.  Oh there was cake.

The night before Noah's birthday Claire reminded me that I needed to hang streamers in his doorway (something she had seen one of their cousins do).  I scoured the house and all I could find was Halloween crepe paper.  That, along with the Christmas wrapping paper should pretty much secure me some angsty  teenage years with him.  I can almost hear the arguments now--"You didn't even love me enough to buy birthday wrapping paper!"

We tried out the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk which was packed but really fun.  The hubbs was at home in bed trying to beat the cold but that was probably for the best as it was incredibly crowded (turns out Connecticut schools start on Monday so we weren't the only people trying to take advantage of the last day of summer.

Finally, we convinced the hubbs to come with us to the Natural History Museum.  We've been members of the museum since Christmas and this was the hubbs' first visit.  I'm pretty sure he was impressed (we also found street parking which was a minor miracle).  When we go to museums we try to spend time in the actual exhibits but mostly we spend time running around outside.

We walked into the gem room and Claire gasped and said "I love gold jewelry!"  She then proceeded to to take pictures of every one of the gem cases

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